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A fan blog for the amazing band, Valencia.
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Title: Free Artist: Valencia 30 plays


free - valencia

you lost your way home
you lost it all it seems
you lost your way home
better off, better off without it

(via somethingdrawnwithmylefthand-de)


I will always love you Shane.

Title: Will We Ever Know How? Artist: Valencia 161 plays


Valencia — Will We Ever Know How?

Title: Carry On Artist: Valencia 10 plays


Valencia - Carry On

20 plays


The Closest I Am To Living Life On The Edge - Valencia

Title: Que Sera Sera Artist: Valencia 20 plays

Que Sera Sera - Valencia


Valencia - Better Be Prepared (Kitchen Sessions)

this is my favorite song from we all need a reason and this kitchen session is lovely omg.

Title: Close To Me (The Cure Cover) Artist: Valencia 30 plays

Close To Me (cover) - Valencia

Title: Wake Up Artist: Valencia 40 plays


Valencia / Wake Up

Title: Consider Me Dead Artist: Valencia 559 plays


Consider Me Dead- Valencia

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