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A fan blog for the amazing band, Valencia.
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this cd was nonstop during the summer of ‘09

they were really nice at warped tour :)

Behind the scenes of Dancing With A Ghost music video shoot.


Hey everyone,

The video for our new Christmas song is up now at our profile! Click here to check it out!  

We covered the song “Father Christmas” by The Kinks, and shot a video last week to go along with it!

Happy Holidays, everyone!  We hope you enjoy this little gift from us to you!

- Valencia


Valencia - The Good Life <3


Can I just say how much I love this song/video/band?

Where Did You Go? - Valencia

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Hey everyone! Click HERE to head to Friends Or Enemies and check out our behind the scenes footage and photos from the music video for “Dancing With A Ghost”. We had a blast making it and are really proud of the final product so check it out and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


NEW: Behind the Scenes of Valencia(@valenciamusic)’s Dancing With A Ghost

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