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Title: Holiday Artist: Valencia 61 plays


We all need a reason to believe. 

Holiday - Valencia

Well this is the calm before the storm, it’s getting harder then it has before. Sometimes you’ve got to walk in the rain if you’re dying to find what you’re looking for.

Title: All At Once Artist: Valencia 80 plays


All At Once - Valencia

I’ve got, I’ve got to get this all off my chest.
I’m so sick of living my life in suspense.
I’m focused on getting my life rearranged,
and you’re god damn right my life has changed.
You had faith in me, and this is all for you.

time is always running, it’ll always guide you home


Got the letters up on my wall now, but I’m going to have to fix them because I’m OCD but I’m tired and didn’t feel like redoing some of them haha

Title: The Space Between Artist: Valencia 270 plays


There’s something strange going on in my head
That says if I were to get in a car right now
North Carolina is where I would end
And to your doorstep I would be bound.
To whisper the words that I’ve always wanted to say,
And watch as the sun rips this blue sky away
Cause the colors are always changing
So stare up at the clouds
And at least you know
you’re always looking up.

And Away We Go…


I’m sorry wont cut it for the rest of your life,get over yourself and say goodbye.

I hope you realize you threw away the BEST thing that ever happened to you.

Forget my name and forget my face.

I hope you get on a plane and forget this place,so I never have to deal with you again.

(via takethisliquidconfidence-deacti)

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