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It’s time for a hell yeah Valencia project! With the help of Valencia fans, I would like to create a scrapbook for the band to show them how much they mean to us. This project will take place from now until December 1, 2011. All entries MUST be submitted by this time to be included in the scrapbook.


I’m looking for photos of the band or of you with the band, letters from you, fan art inspired by the band or their music, or anything creative relating to Valencia you can think of. Want to cover a song of theirs? Burn it to a cd or send me an mp3 and I’ll include it!

Items may be submitted via email (, through the post (email for the address; please include your full name and what the item will be so I will know what to look for), or through hell yeah Valencia’s submission page which can be found HERE.

Any questions can be sent to hell yeah Valencia’s ask box or emailed to!

I hope a lot of you choose to support this project and I look forward to seeing your entries for Valencia’s scrapbook!

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