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A fan blog for the amazing band, Valencia.
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Dan has recently posted about his future with music. Good luck to him and I look forward to hearing what he has in store!

Anonymous asked: Dan just posted on his FB about the fact that he's going solo. You should definitely post the statement :)

Will post!

Anonymous asked: Hey, it's 27/2! It's Dan's birthday!!!

Thanks for sharing! Happy birthday Dan!

Hey guys, those were the only two demos I had and I’m sorry but I won’t be reposting them. I didn’t realize when I first posted the songs that there would be a problem.

Anonymous asked: um pretty sure those aren't demos for a new record since Valencia .... is on a hiatus haha and they are not working on new music as a band right now.

That’s why I didn’t think there would be a problem with posting them! Valencia are not currently a band and those demos are a few years old from what I’ve been told. I was just trying to let other Valencia fans hear some demos I received.

Anonymous asked: Did you ever stop to think that the song you just leaked was a demo for a new record? I know jd has been sending you these. Please take it down or legal action will have to be taken.

JD didn’t send them to me, I don’t know where that came from. I was told they were old demos. Sorry, I’ll delete them.

Title: Pieces Artist: Valencia 163 plays


pieces - valencia

download link

Anonymous asked: could you post 'Pieces'?

I can’t post it, I used up my upload for the day. I can reblog it though!

Anonymous asked: Did you ever get a chance to deliver the scrapbook at the last show? I don't remember hearing anything about it.

Yep, I told everyone about it at the show and Dan and Trevor had the chance to go through it while I was there. I left it with Brendan and he has read over it and plans to show the others when they meet up sometime, if that hasn’t already happened.

lazylaidback asked: Do you got any info about the song Push Me you just posted? I've never heard of it before

I got ahold of a few demo songs a while back. That’s about all I know about the song though, sorry.

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